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Safety, security, and simplicity make our platform the go-to for cryptocurrency users from beginners to experts and everyone in between.

The Complete Cryptocurrency App


The SANCTUARY DEX™ App is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download the app today!


We have extensive security measures and collect no data from you.


We have a feature-rich platform that is easy to learn and navigate right after downloading.


Simple navigation allows everyone to learn about crypto quickly with no learning curve.

Get started today with the Sanctuary App!

The Sanctuary DEX App is a complete cryptocurrency mobile application. This application goes way beyond the capabilities of a wallet app. The Apple App Store has given it a perfect rating for privacy, meaning that it collects no private data.

It may seem impossible to incorporate all the features of a mobile banking app, while remaining decentralized and thoroughly ensuring the users’ privacy, but Sanctuary DEX has accomplished this.


Our App currently comes in four different languages with more to come. Keep an eye out for more updates.


Manage Your Holdings 


Manage all of your different currencies in one easy-to-use platform.

Pay Contacts

View Trends

Manage Cards

Check Value

Send and get paid in cryptocurrency


Replace your favorite money-sending app with an efficient cryptocurrency solution.

We're here to help


Chat with Sanctuary Dex support directly in the app. Always get support on any currency.

Always Secure


Check the balance on a prepaid card using the device's camera.

Import crypto from a paper wallet receipt from a bitcoin ATM.

Back up your private key using secure words.

Import a wallet from private keys.

Designed for the User


Store multiple wallets.

Special support for Sanctuary‘s secure QR codes.

Support for Sanctuary‘s prepaid Cryptocurrency cards. 

Transfer crypto by cutting and pasting wallet addresses.

Built for Everyone


Send and receive crypto using your phone and QR codes.

Easily link your mobile app wallet to the Sanctuary exchange.

Use anywhere at any time. Now available on the App Store.

Secure Supports all of our Products


Supports all of the Sanctuary DEX products.

Check Gift Card balances.

Pay Merchants participating in the Merchant Pay System.

Pay directly through the app.

Get started in minutes with the SANCTUARY DEX™ App available now on the App Store and Google Play

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