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Start accepting cryptocurrency on your website today! Have an e-commerce site? Its time to allow cryptocurrency transactions! On step-by-step guide makes it easy and quick. Start accepting cryptocurrency today.

SDK Web Page Widget

Add it to your website today!

SANCTUARY DEX now offers a software developers kit (SDK)! Our SDK provides a straightforward to use widget that is easily added to most websites, and there is even a version of the SDK for mobile apps. Our SDK allows web developers to provide a payment page in cryptocurrency for the website’s users.

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The Sanctuary SDK

Our SDK allows web developers to provide a payment page in cryptocurrency for their website’s users. The Sanctuary SDK has secure webhooks which tell the website when the cryptocurrency payments have been made. The SDK also provides a receipt engine. This allows the user to see how much was paid in cryptocurrency. Our Merchant Payment Solution also tracks your received payments through our web portal giving you full visibility into your transactions.

Why do you need the SDK?

There are trillions of dollars in market capital in the cryptocurrency domain. Allowing users the option to pay with cryptocurrency can only increase the amount of business for the online store. Our SDK is an excellent option for e-commerce sites looking to provide additional payment options – especially one that could allow you to reach new customers.

The SDK for Mobile Apps

The mobile app version of our software developers kit allows developers to incorporate our seamless payment solution with the SANCTUARY DEX™ mobile application.

When users of our client’s mobile app select ‘Pay by Cryptocurrency’, the SDK automatically launches our mobile application, then the user confirms the transaction.

Upon confirming the transaction in the SANCTUARY DEX™ mobile app, a message is sent to our client’s mobile app letting them know that the payment is confirmed.

Support Center

The SANCTUARY DEX™ Team is here to support all. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service day or night.

We are here to support our users. Have questions? Let us know. We offer excellent customer support.

We have multiple channels for supporting our customers. Reach out via phone, email, or messenger.

Cryptocurrency is a diverse and complicated topic. But we are here to help! We offer training and videos to help you get the most out of our products and the crypto world.

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Cryptocurrency popularity is on the rise! Check out the latest industry news stories and updates from the SANCTUARY blog here.

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