What is Sanctuary DEX

Sanctuary DEX is a suite of software and services intended to bring cryptocurrency to the general public. Cryptocurrencies are the future of currencies, there is no doubt, however, the existing tools for purchasing, paying, and trading are not designed with the general public in mind. At Sanctuary DEX, we have iterated our designs numerous times to create a seamless and painless user experience for everyone. While our products provide all the features of other products, we design them to require no previous knowledge of concepts like blockchain. Safety, security, and simplicity are our goals.

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The Sanctuary DEX App is a complete cryptocurrency mobile application. This application goes way beyond the capabilities of a wallet app. The Apple App Store has given it a perfect rating for privacy, meaning that it collects no private data.

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Our Merchant Services allow you to accept different payment options including major cryptocurrencies.

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The Future of Gift Cards is Here!

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Sanctuary DEX has developed a patent-pending pre-paid cryptocurrency scratch-off card. These cards allow people to purchase cryptocurrency on a plastic card. The Sanctuary mobile app has a variety of features for supporting these cards.

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Why Sanctuary DEX?

Banking the Unbanked

2 billion people in the world do not have access to banks including 25% of Americans. Decentralized finance makes it so that everybody can be their own bank. Part of our mission at Sanctuary DEX is to bring the power of mobile banking apps to these people without them ever having to open a bank account.

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We Make Cryptocurrency Useful

Sanctuary DEX is a suite of software and services that are intended to bring cryptocurrency to the general public.






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