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What is the Sanctuary DEX Soft Wallet?

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One of the challenges in making cryptocurrency payments accepted by merchants is posting a QR code through the merchants public key. If I purchase this then people can scan the QR code and see how much cryptocurrency is in the merchants account. There are also various other reasons why the merchant’s public key should be kept private. The Sanctuary app supports a special double encrypted QR code that is generic across cryptocurrencies and makes it so that customers cannot see the amount of currency in the merchants wallet. This feature is built-in to the Sanctuary app. The Sanctuary app also has access to a cryptocurrency on-ramp making it possible for people to purchase cryptocurrency with Fiat currency.

The Sanctuary app has several features that support Sanctuary’s prepaid cryptocurrency cards.  Some of these features are patent pending. The Sanctuary app makes it possible to pay a merchant directly from a prepaid card without importing the currency into the Sanctuary‘s wallet.  There is also a feature for scanning the public key on the card and seeing how much cryptocurrency is on a card. If a customer wants to add more currency to a prepaid card they can do so with the features in the Sanctuary app. There’s also a feature that allows users to remove currency from a prepaid card into the wallet within the Sanctuary app.

One of the most powerful and popular features of the Sanctuary app is the ability to send cryptocurrency to your friends and acquaintances via your contacts in your phone. By simply clicking on the payee‘s tab in the app and selecting one of your contacts the app will send a text message to your contact asking for their permission to link to their wallet. Only some of the digits of your colleagues public key will be visible; this helps keep their crypto balance private.  Once your payee has accepted your invitation the approval is permanent and you can send them cryptocurrency at any time by clicking on their name in the Sanctuary app.


Knowing your crypto assets are safe and in good hands is our primary concern.  Backups and reliable storage are baked into our business processes.  At Sanctuary DEX we have developed some novel cold storage ideas for people who want to invest in crypto and hold their assets long term.  We offer some cold storage solutions that are extremely permanent.

Prepaid Cards

Sanctuary DEX offers prepaid crypto cards. The cards can be purchased with non-cryptocurrencies or preloaded with cryptocurrency. These cards are patent pending and are supported by some amazing features in the sanctuary app.

The Newsroom

Cryptocurrency is on the rise! Since the founding of Bitcoin in 2009, we have seen the landscape of digital currency change dramatically. The only constant seems to be change. Check out the latest news, trending tweets, and blog posts from the industry experts here at Sanctuary DEX. Click to check out our Newsroom!

We Make Crypto Currency Useful

Sanctuary DEX is a suite of software and services that are intended to bring crypto currency to the general public.

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