About Sanctuary DEX

Sanctuary DEX Corp is a decentralized finance software developer that is working on the next generation, decentralized merchant pay platform.  Our solutions will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as a simple peer-to-peer transaction, without the fees and oversight of any financial institution or card processor. Our platform will be all-inclusive, on-boarding merchants to banking and exchange services they may not be able to access today.

Blake Burnette

Chief Executive Officer

CEO & Chairman of the BOD and a former head of R&D at one of the world’s largest oilfield service company’s and noted pioneer in CNC, IoT, AI, and desktop programming languages.

Trien Bang Lam

President and CTO

Our President, CTO, and Member of BOD has 10 years of experience in software programming and encryption and is the developer of a social media app and COVID 19 tracking app for a SE Asian country with 10s of millions of users.

Scott Thompson

Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Compensation Committee

Former venture capitalist and merchant banker with years of experience monetizing private investments through public listing exit strategies.

Chris Tibbs

Board Member and CFO

Acting CFO and Board Member with 30 years international experience with a major US multinational bank heading up commercial banking and corporate finance with postings in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, North Africa, and the Caribbean.

Stephen Stubblefield

Member of the Board of Directors

An expert in the development of point of sale hardware and software and gift cards product specialist with 21 years experience, worked with the State of Texas to develop and test the States new Electronic Benefits Transfer System (EBT) and a cryptocurrency innovator.

Shenandoah Sanchez

Director of Cyber Security

Our Director of Cyber Security is a retired military cyber security officer, who has worked in the oil and gas industry IOT as an electronic technician and has a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity degree.

Joel Ochoa

Vice President of Business Development

An executive with 40 years experience in business development, technology, operations and sales, noted expertise in building software hardware prototypes such as Texas Instruments Speak and Spell.

Leah Burnette

Director of Marketing

A multi-language coder, multiple marketing certificates, prior to joining SANCTUARY Ms. Burnette developed and executed a multimedia marketing plan for a fiber-optic Internet provider startup.


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The Newsroom

Cryptocurrency is on the rise! Since the founding of Bitcoin in 2009, we have seen the landscape of digital currency change dramatically. The only constant seems to be change. Check out the latest news, trending tweets, and blog posts from the industry experts here at Sanctuary DEX. Click to check out our Newsroom!

We Make Crypto Currency Useful

Sanctuary DEX is a suite of software and services that are intended to bring crypto currency to the general public.






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